Wednesday, September 03, 2008

RNC - Rudy Giuliani: "Christian Terrorism"?

My mouth dropped open when Giuliani mocked Obama. OK, it dropped open repeatedly during his "opening act" at the RNC tonight. And I say that because he told a lot of really bad jokes (and he laughed at his own jokes repeatedly).

But he wasn't joking when he mocked "the Democrats," saying they don't want to use the term "Islamic Terrorism."

He said they don't use the term because it is insulting.

Insulting to whom, Giuliani asks incredulously? He answers definitively: "It insults terrorists."

Did I hear him correctly? Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, he actually said this. There is something wrong with his logic, and I use that term loosely here. It clearly insults anyone who practices the Islamic faith. It equates Muslims with terrorists.

It is hard to imagine the outrage if anyone dared to utter the words "Christian terrorism."

Here's an even better visual, try to put those words "Christian terrorism" in a middle school textbook. Dobson and Palin would have a heyday. They would feel persecuted as hell.

Muslims are Americans too. Again, I call for us to raise the level of discourse.

Are we a beacon that inspires the world, as Giuliani proclaimed?

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