Wednesday, September 03, 2008

RNC - Gov. Huckabee Praises His "Second Choice"

I don't create it. I just report. Gov. Huckabee opened his speech by expressing his genuine delight to speak on behalf of his "second choice," John McCain. (He acknowledged that he would rather be accepting the nomination himself).

First, he praised McCain for his "stubborn kind of integrity." He then sarcastically thanked the "elite media" for unifying the Republican party (and all of America) in supporting McCain/Palin. He blasted the recent media reporting as "tackier than a costume change at a Madonna concert." Now I have to wonder whether the Baptist minister has ever been to a Madonna concert. That's a funny visual.

Huckabee spoke of the Civil Rights Movement, and how he saw racism that caused people to do the "unthinkable" to people of color. He praised Obama's historic nomination as "not becuase of his color, but because of indifference to it." He agreed with Obama that this election is not about Obama, but it is about the country. This is where the agreement stopped.

He said Obama's "excellent adventure" to Europe concerned him, because he says Obama brought back "European ways" to expand government. He received rousing applause when he said that Gov. Palin got more votes running for mayor than Biden got running for the U.S. Sentate. (Can this be accurate?). Huckabee spoke of McCain's capture as a POW saying that his injuries serve as a "constant reminder" not of what he will receive, but "what he already has given." After a little vignette about a teacher asking students what they needed to do to earn a desk at school, he pledged his support to put McCain in the desk in the Oval Office.

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