Wednesday, September 03, 2008

RNC - Gov. Palin - Helluva Speech!

Experiencing Gov. Sarah Palin's acceptance speech to the "Good Ole' Boys" at the RNC tonight is like watching a "pitbull in lipstick." I can't resist. It's her line describing herself.

It's like she's leading a revival in one of those huge mega-churches in Texas. But she's no Joel Osteen. She's mean. And that's her gig. She's not taking any guff off of anyone, y'all. She's not afriad to talk about McCain not being afraid of a fight. She has connected with the audience in the stadium, the way Michelle Obama united with the group at the DNC. On a sheer visceral level.

Giuliani called McCain a "Top Gun." Palin called him "Maverick." Accident? Coincidence? Talk about Hollywood. Not that that's a bad thing.

My favorite line from her speech and her delivery is, "I put it on E-Bay!" I wonder if E-Bay is the official sponsor of the RNC. The E-Bay president spoke a few speeches ago today.

Now she's talking about compassion and the grace of God. And now, the final, "God Bless America"! Whether you agree with her or not, she knows how to connect to an audience. Helluva speech.

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