Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Colorado Offers Computer Training to Thousands

Microsoft is partnering with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment and the statewide network of Workforce Centers to distribute 12,500 computer training vouchers.

Individuals who want to enhance intermediate level computer skills, can choose the learning path that best addresses their needs. There will be 5,500 vouchers offered for intermediate-level technology skills courses.

In these online courses, students can pursue training in WindowsVista, as well as programs from Microsoft Office which includes Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. In addition, 1,500 vouchers will be offered to individuals who are on an IT career path and are interested in receiving training on advanced technical courses.

These courses will provide knowledge of advanced technology applications as server administration, web and application programming and other technical areas. Elevate America also offers 5,500 vouchers to individuals who are ready to take a proctored exam where their skills can be measured and certified.

Upon successful completion of the exam, they are certified by Microsoft through Certiport testing centers as proficient in the skills and are provided with career resources to find internships and permanent jobs.

“Because online programs allow so much flexibility - your ability to participate is not subject to the geographical and time constraints of an on-campus program – Elevate America is an excellent way to recession-proof a career in your spare time while working,” says Donald J. Mares, Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment.

“And if you see your job as vulnerable, this online coursework can strengthen your value to an employer.”

For those currently without a job, Elevate America is a way to forge a path back to the workplace.

“Not surprisingly,” Mares says, “computer skills have a direct link to the job market. There are no guarantees, of course, but enhanced education and training is always a good strategy for promoting career success.”

Elevate America is a part of Microsoft’s Unlimited Potential commitment, designed to provide technology training for up to 2 million people nationwide during the next three years. Learn more about Elevate America at: or visit

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