Monday, August 25, 2008

DNC - Progressive Democrats of America

I thought the Democrats were progressive - until I met The Progressive Democrats of America. On Sunday, as I was walking toward 17th Street at almost 8 p.m., I saw a huge crowd gathered outside the Central Presbyterian Church. They looked like an interesting group, so I decided to check it out. Turns out it was the Progressive Democrats of America's Welcome to Denver event. An Obama supporter outside told me I should definitely give it a try. He was right.

Hosted by PDA Advisory Board Chair actress/activist Mimi Kennedy (Dharma’s mom on TV’s “Dharma and Greg”), the event featured Rep. Barbara Lee (CA), Co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) and PDA Advisory Board member; John Nichols, Washington correspondent, The Nation; Tom Hayden, author, activist; Jim Zogby, Arab American Institute and DNC member; Jim Hightower, journalist and PDA Advisory Board member: PDA-endorsed Healthcare NOT Warfare candidate, Joan Fitz-Gerald. Musician/activist Dan Reed treated the group to his Jerusalem-inspired anti-war songs and acoustic guitar. Wow.

I learned that Progressive Democrats of America was founded in 2004 to transform the Democratic Party and our country. They seek to build a party and government controlled by citizens, not corporate elites -- with policies that serve the broad public interest, not just private interests. As a grassroots PAC operating inside the Democratic Party, and outside in movements for peace and justice, PDA is guided by the belief that a lasting majority will require a revitalized Democratic Party built on firm progressive principles.

“It is our goal to move Obama away from nuclear power, towards single-payer health care, and to end the occupation of Iraq," said Tim Carpenter, PDA National Director. According to Carpenter, NPA will work to create the grassroots movement to push Obama to become a progressive president, just as Roosevelt was moved by progressives to create the New Deal.

The Nation Conversations Series, moderated by The Nation correspondent John Nichols, takes place each morning M-Th, and is free and open to the public. Suggested donation is $10.00, includes panels and guaranteed seating.

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