Monday, August 25, 2008

DNC - Dems' First Ever Interfaith Gathering

The Dems have embraced their faith. Or their faiths. This 2008 DNC is historic for many reasons, and not just because of the race and sex of the presidential candidates.

It was starting to look like the Right-Wing owned God. After the Interfaith Gathering at the DNC Sunday, it is clear that is not true.

The Democratic National Convention embraced an interfaith gathering for the first time ever. Governor Bill Ritter explained that this was the first official meeting of the DNC, and it's the first time a celebration of this kind has been part of a DNC.

Esteemed leaders from many different faith communities joined together to celebrate this historic occasion and to honor the diverse faith traditions inside the Democratic Party. The Democratic National Convention Committee says it welcomes this partnership with communities of faith for a nation that values dignity and equality for all people through its Faith in Action initiative. "There is more that unites us than divides us, and together we will honor our convictions while working for the Common Good," according to the DNCC. Sounds a lot like the NSP highlighted in my previous post.

The Interfaith Gathering participated in readings from the Torah, the Sutra Nipata, the Holy Qur'an, and the Holy Bible. One of the highlights of the program included Sister Helen Prejean, activist and author of Dead Men Walking. She railed against state-sponsored killing and the mental torture she says is inherent in the death penalty. The celebration also included presentations about "Our Sacred Responsibilities" toward Our Children, Our Neighbors, Our Nation, and Our World. Just when it seemed it couldn't get any better, Grammy-award winning gospel artists Richard Smallwood & Vision brought the crowd to their feet with the universal language of music.

The Dems are putting their faith into action. It looks like the Republicans don't own God after all.