Thursday, August 28, 2008

DNC - 9News' Gregg Moss Interviews NPR's Ray Suarez

"News is the star." If you're looking for information and entertainment, tune in to Gregg Moss' live streaming Webcast direct from the DNC.

I saw his interview with The News Hour's Ray Suarez today, and it was spot on. I had a laugh when Suarez said that those of us who still think of the name of the show as The News Hour with Jim Lehrer are "dating" ourselves. Did he call Gregg old?

But seriously, they discussed the changes in how we get news - from the way we connect with TV to the new instantaneous reporting we can get on the computer. Gregg's one-man show is a prime example. He's set up with a one-man technical studio including video, audio, switcher, and tape playback. Suarez noted Gregg's acumen in this medium.

Gregg posed an enlightening question to Suarez as to how he distinguishes his Voice among the thousands of reporters at the DNC. Suarez emphasized that he operates by the principal that "news is the star." He said that he puts the news first and "steps out of the way." If news is the star, the 9News team is the Big Dipper!