Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kimberlie Ryan Appointed to Governor's Marijuana Advisory Group


Kimberlie Ryan Appointed to Governor Hickenlooper’s Amendment 64 Implementation Task Force Work Group for Legalized Adult-Use Marijuana

DENVER, January 23, 2013— Kimberlie Ryan was appointed to Gov. John Hickenlooper’s Amendment 64 Implementation Task Force Work Group, as part of the Tax, Civil Law, Funding and Resource Issues group.

The Task Force was charged with developing recommendations to the legislature for the regulatory scheme that will govern the implementation of Amendment 64, which legalized marijuana for adult use in Colorado in 2012.

The Tax, Civil Law, Funding and Resource Issues working group was one of five subcommittees created to advise the 24-member task force on specific issues.

The group addressed banking law, the effect of the amendment on public and private employers and employees, the revenue to fund the state’s regulatory scheme, and the constitutionality of the tax mandate.

Ryan, a civil rights lawyer who represents workers and employers in employment-law matters, was selected to as a member the working group to advise and vote on all matters. She has extensive knowledge of the law in this area and speaks and writes frequently about Colorado’s medical marijuana laws and the workplace.

”It is critical that lawmakers fully honor the Colorado Constitution." Ryan said. "Adults in Colorado have a Colorado Constitutional right to use marijuana, whether for medical treatments, health benefits, spiritual or religious rites, creative and artistic inspiration, recreation with friends, or other personal choices." Ryan added, "Any laws and regulations implementing Amendment 64 must be carefully considered in light of the purposes of legalization in Colorado.”

Ms. Ryan is the founding member of Ryan Law Firm, LLC. Her practice focuses on civil rights employment litigation. She represents clients involving discrimination, harassment and retaliation litigation, wrongful discharge, wage and hour claims and compliance, terminations and reductions in force, non-competition agreements and the protection of trade secrets, family leave issues, Americans with Disabilities Act enforcement, compensation and executive agreements, employment collective actions, whistleblower actions and employee policy handbook advising and drafting.

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