Monday, December 20, 2010

Medical Marijuana and Colorado Unemployment Benefits

Employees who are fired for exercising their Colorado Constitutional rights to treat their debilitating medical conditions with medicinal marijuana should not be penalized by the State that authorizes medical use under the Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry Program.

Yet, the State of Colorado Industrial Claims Appeals Office is depriving some patients of unemployment benefits after they are wrongfully fired and seek unemployment insurance, which is designed to help workers who are fired through no fault of their own.

Here's a news clip that may be of interest from an interview with 9News this morning. What do you think?

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  1. sad. good interview though, you go girl! thanks for doing what you do!

    From a divorce court ruling in Arapahoe County by Magistrate Fliss:

    "The Court is concerned even though Mr. Xxxxxxx states he has a medical marijuana card, he did acknowledge that he had previously smoked marijuana years ago when it was obviously illegal. Respondent is also in the music industry, and while the Court does not hold any prejudices to that, the Court does note that that is an industry in which the use of drugs is more persistent or more used than in other professions."

    I've played guitar for 35 years, the last 21 of which have been clean and sober! got med mar card for debilitating back pain in 2010.
    is she saying because I smoked weed over 21 years ago illegally that my med card is suspect?

    the music industry is worse than the:
    bar and restaurant, ski, construction, painting, roofing industries?

    does this seem right?