Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Read My Lipstick: Catnip!

How do you say "distraction" in politics? Lipstick.

Geez, this is ridiculous. For all sides. The signs at rallies for The Republican Ticket proclaim in bright colors, "Read My Lipstick"!

It's clever, I'll admit. And catchy.

Funny thing is that it's a take-off of former President George Herbert Walker Bush's 1988 campaign promise, "Read my lips. No new taxes!"

I was a teen then, and it sounded good. Lots of people clapped and cheered. I lived in Colorado Springs. I didn't know then that speechwriter Peggy Noonan had helped craft that speech. And many credit the Republican win that year to that very phrase. It resonated. Sound familiar?

But it wasn't true. Certainly reasonable people could debate as to why The Republican Ticket that term didn't or couldn't fulfill the campaign promise. For some, it boiled down to what the definition of "new" is. But I digress. Pigs in lipstick or pit bulls in lipstick - it's cat nip for us all!!!

Let's talk about the war. Let's talk about The Republican Ticket's plan to stay in Iraq indefinitely and the Democratic approach to bring our troops home with a specific, targeted phase-out.

Let's talk about the federal deficit. Let's talk about how The Republican Administration has brought us to yesterday's announcement projecting a near-record federal budget deficit of $407 billion. Let's talk about whether our country is better off now than we were 8 or 12 years ago.

Let's talk about our veterans and why Sen. McCain voted against the G.I. bill and then was a "no vote" when it came up again just a few months ago in May.

Support our troops. Visit the website for America Supports You:

Challenge your beliefs! Vote your consience on issues that really matter to us all - the wars, the economy, the education of our children, our veterans and seniors, among many other relevant issues. Don't be distracted by lipstick, pigs, pitbulls, or cat nip!

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