Monday, September 08, 2008

The Iraq War - McCain Pushes Same Bush Strategy

Sen. McCain does not plan to change the Bush strategy in Iraq.

From McCain's website:

"John McCain advocates continuing the successful counterinsurgency strategy that began in 2007."

"John McCain believes that economic progress is essential to sustaining security gains in Iraq. Markets that were once silent and deserted have come back to life in many areas, but high unemployment rates continue to fuel criminal and insurgent violence. To move young men away from the attractions of well-funded extremists, we need a vibrant, growing Iraqi economy."

"Iraq’s government needs support to better deliver basic services—clean water, garbage collection, abundant electricity, and, above all, a basic level of security—that create a climate where the Iraqi economy creation can flourish."

“I do not want to keep our troops in Iraq a minute longer than necessary to secure our interests there. Our goal is an Iraq that can stand on its own as a democratic ally and a responsible force for peace in its neighborhood. Our goal is an Iraq that no longer needs American troops." (emphasis supplied).

Shouldn't these be the priorities for our own country? Isn't McCain's theme "Country First"?

McCain's plan for Iraq is to extend the same Bush policies. That's not change.

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Source: McCain Strategy for Victory in Iraq:

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