Sunday, September 07, 2008

Happy Birthday Google!

Google turns 10 today! And I thank you, Google, from the bottom of my heart! My clients thank you too.

Ten years ago on Oct. 1, I opened my own one-person law firm. As a solo practitioner attorney, I had to learn how to find reliable - and free- legal research so I go up against the Goliaths.

In my law practice, I battle against the largest national and international corporations, represented by their massive national law firms and their armies of attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants, assistants-to-the-assistants, and the enormous IT departments. I had to wean myself from the expensive legal research tools I once had at my disposal when I worked at the large firms.

I thought I might be doomed. Then came Google.

To extend the Goliath metaphor a bit further, Google strengthened my legal sling shot. It enabled me to find the research I needed on a shepherd's budget. Knowing how to craft well conceived legal search queries took my research to places I never dreamed. I have successfully represented some of the financially poorest of our citizens, and with Google, we continue to face down the Goliaths and win. Information is power, and Google is information.

From all the Davids facing Goliaths out here, thank you Google! And happy, happy birthday!


Kimberlie Ryan

The Ryan Law Firm, LLC, Denver, CO

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