Sunday, August 31, 2008

RNC Rained Out - Dobson's Prayers Answered (Kind-Of)

Two weeks ago James Dobson's Focus on the Family directed evangelicals to "pray for rain" to interrupt Sen. Obama's Presidential nominee acceptance speech last Thursday.

Dobson's mouthpiece, Stewart Shepard called for "abundant rain, torrential rain ... flood-advisory rain." . . . . "I'm talking about umbrella-ain't-gonna-help-you rain ... swamp-the-intersections rain." Shephard explained why he wanted to smite Obama and the DNC: "I'm still pro-life, and I'm still in favor of marriage being between one man and one woman. And I would like the next president who will select justices for the next Supreme Court to agree."

I haven't seen a more glorious night in Denver than Thursday when Obama accepted the nomination. The air breathed a calm, cool breeze, and the sky reflected a deep cerulean blue. The summer crickets even seemed to celebrate.

Today the Republicans announced the cancellation of the first day of the Republican National Convention due to hurricane Gustav and its 120 mph winds, torrential rains, and expected flooding. Also looming - Tropical Storm Hanna and two more storms gaining momentum in the Atlantic. Ironic?